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Maureen Loliva, Realtor®

Maureen Loliva

Realtor at St. Augustine Realty

Since I was a young person, I have always enjoyed working with people, helping them make good buying decisions.

I have sold everything from vitamins to crystal. My first sales job was in high school, selling Fuller Brush. As the years passed, I had children. I became more aware that home purchasing was the biggest decision that a person makes.

I decided that since I was so skilled at keeping people clear on their needs, as opposed to their wants, I could help my fellow New Yorkers with their real estate needs. I successfully sold real estate in 1985+ on Staten Island, New York.

I moved my home and real estate license to New Jersey for a few years. I have also have sold real estate in Hilton Head S.C.
In 1991, I settled in St. Augustine to raise my family.
I have had my real estate license here since 1994.

My children, Kevin Horan and Kimberly Loliva Pacetti, were in 3rd grade and kindergarten when I first arrived in our beautiful city. I was heavily involved in all aspects of our schools and the community. Class mother was my middle name. My children’s activities took up a good deal of my time, but I never hesitated to give back to the community. We have a great school system.

Anyone who knew me knows how hard I worked for the teachers, students and coaches. I considered myself as part of a wonderful village. Now my little ones have grown. I am hard at work, full time, in real estate. I am still helping people make the biggest decision of their life as smoothly and comfortably as possible.

I hope you will give me an opportunity to show you that no one makes you more comfortable during the purchase or sale of your home. Please, ask me why I am better and different. Consider what you learn when you are in the business 30 years. I will smoothly walk you through the entire process from figuring out which home is right for you… to writing the contract… getting the proper financing… through all of the final details of purchasing your dream home.
You will have my experience behind you, as well as my caring attitude.

Call me, you will see and feel the difference.

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