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10 Reasons to Move To St. Augustine

10 Reasons to Move To St. Augustine

You’re considering a move, but don’t know where to go. Your options are open before you and you’re ready to make the plunge…but where? St. Augustine is a great option for anyone! But, let’s be honest, you’re not just going to up and move here just because some blog post said it’s the best. Besides being the Oldest City, what makes St. Augustine so great? Let the logical side of your brain do the thinking as you look over these ten reasons why St. Augustine is worth the move:

1. Historic Downtown District

If you haven’t been downtown and walked around the historic district, you are missing out. St. George Street, the main shopping strip, offers its visitors access to shopping, food and history. From here, you have quick access to the intracoastal, the Castillo de San Marcos fort, Ripley’s Believe it or Not!, and did we mention the food and shopping? But, downtown isn’t just contained in one street. Walk around and you’ll see Flagler College and the Lightner Museum – both of which were originally built by Henry Flagler back in the day, beautiful Spanish-influenced architecture, and if you’re lucky (or unlucky) some ghosts. Hop on a trolly and tour the town with a driver/tour guide.

2. Small town feel

While St. Augustine is constantly growing and expanding, you don’t get that big city feeling here. Instead, you’ll experience some small-town customer service where smiles aren’t just found at Chick-Fil-A. Trust us, you won’t want to leave.

3. Beaches

This might seem like a given, but we have multiple beaches for you to visit, and who doesn’t love a day where you can plant yourself on the beach, lathered in sunscreen, and a cold drink in your hand? That’s right…everyone. And, everyone deserves that day! Buy yourself a home on or near any of our beaches and have that day EVERYDAY. Dreams do come true.

4. Always something to do

In case of emergency (aka you don’t know what to dow with your time) refer to #1 and #3. At any given time, you can go downtown or to the beach to pass the time. If you get bored of those (which doesn’t typically happen) you can always go to any of the museums in town like Potter’s Wax Museum and Ripley’s Believe it or Not!, the art galleries, the bowling alley, putt-putt, a Flagler athletic event, and the list goes on! You can check out events going on in town by going here.

5. Did we mention the food?

There are so many good places to eat in town! I mean, we do have the second best pizza in the country…so you can’t go wrong there. But, that’s not the only place you can go. There’s so many local places all over town that you can visit. Find your favorite or try them all, either way, you won’t be disappointed! From seafood, to grilled cheeses there’s something in town for everyone! And, once you’ve eaten dinner, you’ll have to have dessert. Don’t worry – there’s plenty of that in town, too! Enjoy some artisan ice pops, dessert donuts or fudge. You’ll never go hungry in St. Augustine!
6. Friendly people

7. Close to major cities

St. Augustine has the best location: not the water, in northeast Florida, and tucked-in between Jacksonville and Daytona. Take a trip to the St. Johns Town Center or the Avenues Mall in Jacksonville, go to a Jacksonville Jaguars game or go enjoy a race at the Daytona 500. A quick 30-60 minute drive and new opportunities await you. These major cities in Florida are close enough to enjoy what they have to offer without having to suffer through their traffic! BONUS: Orlando is only a two hour drive, which means Disney and Universal are at your fingertips if you want.

8. Excellent school district

If you are a parent, you want your kids to go to a school that you know will give them the best education. Here in St. Johns County, you can bet that’s what you’ll get. The St. Johns County School District is highly ranked in the nation, and that isn’t a one-time fact. So, what makes our school district so great? We have the best teachers, and every time we rank high, we attract more. Plus, parents seem to be more involved here offering their children and their schools the needed support.

9. Lots of sunshine

While Florida gets a bad rap for not having four full seasons, you can’t blame a state nicknamed the “Sunshine State” for giving you lots of sunshine! All that means is that we get more opportunities than everyone else to go to the beach, out on the boat, and anything else you could want to do outside!

10. Nights of Lights!

This is one of our personal favorites here at St. Augustine Realty. Our office is located in the heart of downtown, so we get a front-row view to Nights of Lights. If you’re not familiar with what that is, do yourself a favor and Google it. Every year in November, the City of St. Augustine strings white Christmas lights everywhere and illuminates the town. That’s how we got our title of the Twinkliest Town! It’s a sight you don’t want to miss.


What do you think of our list?

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