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Moving Tips

Moving Tips

Is the Thought of Packing Holding you Back from your Dream Home? 

Packing our things to move to a new town or a new home is probably one of the worst parts of what is otherwise an exciting time for people. Not only does packing take 10 times longer than we think, but there’s always that inevitable heirloom that breaks and box of dishes that gets lost. Then, there’s the unpacking which is a whole other feat that needs tackling. In short, packing (and unpacking) is not something anyone looks forward to. Fortunately, we have some tips to help make the process simpler! 

Create a Checklist! 

Once you have hired movers or rented a truck, figure out what your next steps should be and when you want to have them done by. For example, one of the first things on your list may be to create a few donation boxes to help reduce the amount of packing you need to do. Perhaps starting with those boxes tucked in the closet you haven’t opened from the last move. Then, one of the last things you’ll probably want to do is turn off utilities. You don’t want to find yourself packing in the dark! New tasks you hadn’t thought of will continue to pop up throughout the moving process so be sure to add them to your list as you go. Staying organized helps reduce the stress of moving and you’ll be sure you aren’t missing anything important!

Separate Essentials and Put in the Car Last!

Pack a small duffle bag or suitcase with all the personal items you’ll need access to during your move and after arriving at your new place, such as important documents, medications, chargers, snacks, basic toiletries, a couple of changes of clothes, etc. You don’t want to find that you’ve accidentally packed everything up and now have to go shopping at 7am for a new toothbrush. Don’t forget about any pets, too, and especially their toys! Keeping a few toys (and treats) out helps keep your furry ones entertained while you do the hard work. It’s important to put these essentials in the car last so that you can easily grab after a long, tiring day!

A Book Owner? 

Take photos of your bookshelves before you box them up! Seems simple, but most of us don’t think about this until we’re already 5 shelves in and it’s too late. Numbering the boxes to go with each bookcase can also be super helpful if you want to make filling up your bookcases in your new home easy. The same idea can be helpful to remember how to put other areas of the home together again too! For example, photos are super helpful in reassembling furniture and any more complicated electronic systems.

Lots of Loose Screws?

When taking apart furniture, place the screws, nuts, and other important pieces on a piece of tape or in a little plastic bag to help keep them all together during the move. Once done taking the item apart, wrap the tape piece or plastic bag with all the pieces in tape around the item itself. This way all the necessary pieces are connected to the furniture piece and don’t end up in a pile of other loose screws.

Wondering How to Protect Your Fragile Items?

Instead of wasting boxes on packing your towels, sheets, blankets, and kitchen mitts, use them as cushioning for your more fragile items and in-between furniture pieces so they don’t rub while in the moving truck. They can also be used for your more awkward items where bubble wrap just isn’t going to cut it. You’ll be amazed by how many household items you already have on hand that can be used for packing. Plus, using these more cushioned items to protect your breakables helps prevent any gaps in boxes that could allow items to move around and break. Make items you already have around the house do the work for you and save some money while you’re at it!

Never Know What to do With All Your Clothes?

You can’t live without them, but oh boy are they a pain to pack! Always taking up way too many boxes, and then there’s the hangars that don’t fit in any box whatsoever. To help with these problems, the first thing to do is to NOT unpack your dresser drawers! Instead, keep the clothes in the drawers, remove the drawers, and then wrap the drawers in something so your clothes don’t fall out. This keeps it easy to move around and all in one place! For some of your nicer items or things on hangars, you can put your suitcases to work instead of packing empty space. A third tip is to create your own dry cleaning-esque bags by using large trash bags you already have in hand and tying the handles around any hangars so they don’t fall off in the move. This is especially helpful for your longer items that don’t fold well, like jackets and dresses. 

Don’t let the idea of packing hold you back – come visit us so we can help you find your dream home! 

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