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Our History

Our History

Our story began back in the 1800s with Eugene L. Barnes & Son. Eugene L. Barnes was the great-grandfather of Roy O. Barnes, Jr., owner and broker of St. Augustine Realty. Eugene and his son, Otis Barnes, ran their real estate and insurance agency in an office where the Casa Monica Resort & Spa stands today in Downtown St. Augustine.

Eugene worked hard, was honest and genuine, and never stopped believing in the power of establishing relationships with his clients. Which Roy saw as a tradition worth continuing! Today, the legacy of Roy’s great-grandfather, grandfather and father continues to push our company forward. While the business has a different name and no longer handles insurance, the beliefs and morals remain the same.

In our lobby, we proudly display the Eugene L. Barnes & Son, Inc. storefront sign to remind us of whose shoulders we stand on and what we stand for!

At St. Augustine Realty, we believe that the client comes first. After all, you are the one looking to buy or sell a home. We work hard to find the home of your dreams and to handle your transaction with integrity and professionalism. No matter which agent in our firm you choose to hire, you can rest in the satisfaction of knowing that you are working with the best.

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