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Planting for your St. Augustine Home

Planting for your St. Augustine Home

We all love a beautiful garden, especially when we don’t have to do much maintenance to keep it in tip-top shape! Buyers always love the look of a beautiful garden but rarely want the upkeep, so these seven planting options are plentiful at pulling double duty! 

By opting for low-maintenance landscaping with plants native to our area, you’ll be able to ensure that anything you plant is tolerant of coastal salinity, frosty winters, and high summer temperatures! 🥵 Choosing plants native to our area also helps provide habitat for the local ecosystem and attract birds and butterflies to your yard! 🦜

1. Stokesia 

Stokesia is a plant native to Florida wetlands that grows beautiful white, blue, purple, and lavender flowers. They grow well in full or partial sun and are hardy plants that don’t require consistent watering. These plants are known as one of the best perennials for Florida. They grow up to 2 feet in height and 1.5 feet across. Wet soil can lead to rot but is otherwise hardy in frosty winters.

2. Red Spider Lily

Spider lilies are hardy flowering plant that grows well in both the heat and cold. They prefer full sun to part shade, with bright blooms from August to September.

Growing 1-2 feet tall, these red flowers look spider-like on leafy green stems, brightening and adding interest to your garden before turning into shrubs. Plus, these flowers have a beautiful scent!

3. Florida Privet 

A native shrub, Florida privet (forestiera segregate), makes an excellent hedge with a medium growth rate. Standing up to 9ft tall, this plant produces bright yellow flowers and berries to attract birds.

4. Beach Sunflower 

A native perennial, this sunflower can grow up to 3ft tall and provide excellent ground cover. In addition, this drought-resistant plant attracts butterflies and birds with its yellow or purple flowers and is super low-maintenance!

5. Black-Eyed Susan 

Black-eyed Susans (rudbeckia hirta) are drought-resistant wildflowers that range in color from yellow to orange to red. They thrive in Florida’s coastal landscape and do well in most soil types. Black-eyed Susans are durable, easy to grow, and perfect for anyone wanting to attract butterflies to their garden!

6. Firebush (hamelia patens) 

Firebush is one of the most durable native plants around. It is resistant to pests and disease, heat-tolerant, and drought-tolerant. In addition, its bright orange-red flowers last through the summer to attract hummingbirds, songbirds, and butterflies.

Called a “root-hardy perennial,” these plants will return on their own each spring. 

7. Beautyberry (American beautyberry)  

With clusters of purple fruits, this is a bird favorite! In the spring and summer, the plant is covered with light lavender-pink flowers, which turn into fruits in the fall. This plant can be planted at any time of the year and is drought-tolerant. Little pruning is suggested before flowering to keep a more compact shape.

Growing plants outdoors in an unpredictable environment may seem complicated, but having a beautiful yard all year long is doable!

We hope this list helps you find a few plants that will increase your property value and curb appeal. When you sell your house, know you can count on us. Contact us for more information, as we would love to help you find your dream house or list your property. For more information call our office at 904-824-3331. 

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